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An unbelievable Trumbo?

Trumbo, the story about the famous blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo premiered Thursday in Zurich By Patrick Neithard, March 6th 2016 There is a fine line between a movie that pretends … Continue reading

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Journalism Showing Its Core Aims in Spotlight

“Spotlight”, the Catholic Church Abuse Drama and Investigative Journalism Movie, based on the culmination of real events around 9/11 in Boston premiered last Thursday in Zurich. Told with dedicated precision … Continue reading

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That BackSlash is For Real!

That “BackSlash” Is For Real! Molly Ann Wymer has taken it to the real, with her virtuosly sharp reflections on popular culture. by Patrick Neithard, February 13th 2016 Internet has … Continue reading

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In the Exercise Room with U2

  by Patrick Neithard on Headphones   I had to give this entry some real long thought. But yes. After several meetings with my higher self and a few trips … Continue reading

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“Oh Captain, my Captain!” Hollywood actor and comedian Robin Williams dies Age 63.

by Patrick Neithard Hollywood actor and comedian Robin Williams dies age 63 The 1951 born Actor was known as a talented, genius-like personality going by his fluid changeability jumping from … Continue reading

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Press Breakfast. Activist freed, then arrested.

  Remaining Labitzke occupation activists organize press breakfast demonstration as a last resort. By Patrick Neithard, Zurich, August 5th 2014  Today at 6:30 about three dozen of the remaining Labitzke … Continue reading

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Pressefrühstück. Aktivist befreit, dann festgenommen

von Patrick Neithard, Zürich, 5 August 2014 Verbliebene Labitzke-Aktivisten veranstalten gross angerichtetes Pressefrühstück Heute Dienstag um 6 Uhr 30 gingen gut drei Dutzend verbliebene Aktivisten vor dem Labitzke-Areal in Zürich … Continue reading

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