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French Director Alain Resnais Dies aged 91

Alain Resnais, undated, Photo newwavefilms.com

Alain Resnais, undated, Photo newwavefilms.com

French Director Alain Resnais Dies aged 91

By Patrick Neithard, March 2nd 2014

The french director Alain Resnais passed away aged 91 last Saturday within his close family circle, the producer of Resnais` last films, Jean-Louis Livi reported on Sunday to the press / AFP.

As the grandmaster of “New Wave” – films he rose to fame with movies such as “Hiroshima, mon Amour” (1959) and “Last Year in Marienbad” (1961) after studying film editing and directing in post war times on short movies. Already in 1955 his talent shone worldwide for the first time with “Night and Fog”/Nuit et Brouillard”, a movie depicting the atrocities of Auschwitz.


Honours until shortly before his death

The master`s last work “Aimer, boire et chanter” an adaptation of “The Life Of Riley” by Alan Ayckborn was awarded with the Silver Bear and the Alfred-Bauer-Prize on Berlinale 2014. Already at that time Resnais was was unable to accept the award in person. Numerous Prizes crown the versatile and prolific body of work of Alain Resnais. Film festivals from Cannes to Venice have honoured the stilistic visionary, who not seldomly in his works questioned relationships. 2006, in Venice, he received the Silver Lion for best directing for “Coeurs” (“Private Fears in Public Places”) Other famous films by Alain Resnais are “Muriel ou le temps d`un retour”(Muriel, or the Time of a return) (1963)/ and “Smoking/No Smoking” (1993) 


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